WPMarijuana is dedicated to providing all legal Cannabis markets with WordPress based solutions. We are particularly focused on the federally legal Canadian and Uruguayan countries. Our Canadian based team is uniquely positioned to make this possible.

Through partnering with WordPress providers around the world, we provide solutions for, e-commerce, product listings, blogging, and other online needs. Anyone who owns a WordPress solution focused on this goal, can post their products here on WPMarijuna.com

Our network includes FindMarijuana.ca, a platform dedicated towards partnering with local Canadian Cannabis companies, with a goal of fulfilling their online software needs. Categories we have partnerships with include:

  • Food and Restaurants
  • Tours
  • Shops
  • Dispensaries
  • Product Brands

As you can see, there are lots of auxiliary companies related to the Legal Cannabis market. We believe that WordPress can provide solutions for these companies. This website is focused on curating those solutions ideal for this market.


WPMarijuana.com is a great way to get exposure for your Cannabis related WordPress solution. Post for free or pay for premium positioning and exposure.