Canadian Legal Cannabis Website Market

The news is out, Canada is the only country in the world where recreational Marijuana is federally legal for possession and consumption by residents and tourists alike. Provinces my implement the laws differently; however, when it comes to business its open season

With that said, its not cut and dry, there are rules. In addition, legalization is being rolled out. For example in October 2019, edibles will become legal in Canada. The goal of this article is to provide some insight into the evolution of this market and why you need to create WordPress solutions to serve these customers


US states still have the lead today. Uruguay may have a federally legal environment for locals but its very restrictive and does not include tourists. In short, once the Canadian market is in full swing, it will become the largest single market for Cannabis consumption in the world.

This is the equivalent of when categories of businesses first came onto the internet like doctors and car dealers. Can you imagine being the company who created most of the car dealer websites in the early 2000’s? Here is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a rapidly evolving business category


This is where the power of our network can be seen. As a vendor on, we will evaluate your offering and promote it to potential customers on websites like We are working hard to aggregate the customers, all you need to do is provide great WordPress solutions to fit their need. Demographics that need WordPress solutions include

  • Food, cafe’s, and Restaurants
  • Tours
  • Stores
  • Medical / Pharmacies
  • Dispensaries
  • Related brands (vapes,papers,hemp)

As mentioned earlier, there are other potential markets available. However, Canada is the only one where the entire industry has a federally legal commercial and consumption market. So you don’t have to worry about going to jail like Chong from cheech and chong (9 months for selling a bong) or prince of pot (aka Marc Emery 5 yrs for selling seeds cross border). If you want to operate in a 100% legal environment, then this is the only one currently on planet earth. In any other market, you have a high risk of breaking some aspect of their laws. In contrast, you can now purchase weed from the Canadian Government using a bank issued debit card. If you really wanted to, you can get points from a credit card although we don’t support that. The point being, this market is the first and we would like to partner with WordPress providers to support it.


We talk a lot about legality on this website. That’s because although our team lives in Canada where its 100% legal for us to operate, we understand the rest of the world does not have these freedoms. We encourage you to focus your operations in a Country where the federal government not only sells marijuana but also legislates its open licensed market.

The brilliance of is that with partnering with us, you can continue to sell your products in any market you consider legal. However note that, is 100% focused on any market where Cannabis is federally legal for recreational consumption for anyone within its borders. As countries join this group, we will expand our focus to support those markets. We believe that’s the only way to operate in this industry with a level of risk commensurate with alcohol and tobacco.


Our team waited until there was a legal market to operate. That time is now. You can now treat marijuana like you do alcohol within the borders of the second largest country on the planet (by landmass). We believe this is an unprecedented opportunity to get into an industry as it launches legal online operations.

Getting in on the action is easy. We are in the starting phases of this industry. Simply focus your solutions on the legal Cannabis market and let us know about it. We would be happy to list your product on for free.

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