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This plugin provides a complete shopping cart. You can deploy it via a shortcode or widget. Plugins which integrate with this shopping cart, will use the “Add to Cart” button which is packaged with this plugin. This button accepts the item number, item name, cost and a few other useful pieces of information


Lets take our BePro Listings plugin for example. This powerful directory plugin allows you to accept submissions from the front end. Now because of its interface with BePro Cart, BePro Listings sends customers to BePro Cart to pay for those listings. BePro Cart then notifies BePro Listings of a successful payment.


Its important to note that BePro Cart does not manage products. It is not designed to be a standalone ecommerce solution. We created this plugin to fix the issue of multiple plugins, each having their own shopping cart and checkout process. With BePro Cart, any plugin can use its features to facilitate payments.