We Support Woocommerce Cannabis stores

You heard it right, we support all WordPress products including Woocommerce and BePro Cart. WP Marijuana is a community dedicated to supporting the legal Cannabis market with WordPress solutions.

Woocommerce is owned and operated by the same company that owns WordPress (Automattic). According to a recent news release from Automattic, they won’t support your CBD or Cannabis related business. Their specific statement reads

” While you can use the code of our WooCommerce plugin to sell highly-regulated products, you cannot use direct services offered by Automattic to support those stores.”.

Although the Woocommerce statement may be ambiguous and unclear, we want to make it crystal clear that you can get support for all E-commerce solutions here on WPMarijuana.com. WP Marijuana was created by a Canadian based company, where Cannabis is Federally legal. Any product listed on this website is designed specifically to support your store

Wocommerce Store Owners

If you own a Woocommerce store and sell Cannabis related products like, CBD oil, THC Sprays, or other derivatives, the creators of Woocommerce (based in the US) have announced that they won’t support your store. We have created WP Marijuana to make it easy for you to find solutions and providers who will support you

Even if you are using this platform, there is still the very major issue of payment providers. We can help you with those issues too. Our community provides you with the tools and information necessary to continue operating on the WordPress platform

Woocommerce Solutions Providers

We encourage all Woocommerce solution providers in the Cannabis industry, to list and share their solutions here on WP Marijuana. You will continue to sell your products wherever they are currently sold. Simply share some information about your product and link to where customers can purchase the solution.

Themes, plugins, and designs are all welcome. By posting on WP Marijuana, you are announcing to the community that you support the Cannabis industry specifically. In a world where marijuana is still federally illegal for most of the world, this clarification has become very important

Woocommerce Experts

WP Marijuana was created by the same people who created BeProSoftware.com. There we sold Woocommerce solutions like BePro Points WooCommerce. We know what it takes to develop and sell Woocommerce solutions. Through this knowledge we will filter the providers and solutions advertised on WP Marijuana. We will only allow the best solutions to be posted on WPmarijuana.com. Our goal is to make this community safe, allowing you to trust the solutions you find posted here.


WP Marijuana was designed by a Canadian based company to support the Cannabis industry. Ecommerce store owners can find solutions and providers here. Providers can showcase their products and engage customers here.

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